About Us

Established in 1998, TSI/Architectural Metals Inc.  is a top performing local Architectural Glazing and Ornamental Metal Company located in the Washington, D.C. area.  TSI/Architectural Metals, Inc specializes in metal and glass application structural glass walls, glass and steel canopies, and monumental stairways. Through an innovative approach and finely crafted eye, TSI Architectural is able to bring unparalleled approach and craftsmanship to each job’s specifications.


About Us

Founded in 1998, TSI Architectural Metals, Inc. specializes in the integration of metals and glass to create astounding art applications, ornamental canopies, structural glass walls and monumental staircases.  Due to its experienced team , commitment to training, and use of technology, TSI has developed a turn-key approach providing clients with expert engineering, manufacturing, and installation capabilities.

Through an innovative approach and finely crafted eye, TSI Architectural is able to bring unparalleled craftsmanship to each job’s specifications.  The creative minds that make up TSI Architectural produce architectural embellishments that rival some of the finest structures in the world through glass and metal integration.

We recognize the uniqueness, complexity, and need for detail that is required in order to successfully manufacture our work. Therefore, our team actively participates in the design development process  with all our clients. TSI is devoted to communicating directly with you in order to come up with a solution for each individual project.

The Engineering Department within TSI supports both our Design/Assist construction and our service work. We develop value engineering, system detail, and the project budget, creating a general framework that Operations can follow through to completion of a project.  



TSI features a fabrication facility with unparalleled creative capabilities. Unitization of products ensures an incomparable quality and performance. Our highly skilled and reliable labor force is experienced in the fabrication and installation of glass and ornamental metals.  

TSI prefers to unitize its work, if the possibility exists.  Unitization and factory assembly of products in a controlled environment ensures an incomparable quality and performance, reduces duration of installation time, and reduces site logistics and scheduling challenges. 


Field Installation

Today, after many years of development and training, TSI’s field operation are led by competent professionals who have years of experience in a variety of building envelope systems. With safety and quality as top priorities, the field operations team has the final say in the completion of a building project. Our field team’s top priorities are delivering a project with precision workmanship, safety, and on time. 



Design Assist and Guidance

Fully Engineered Systems 

In House Shop Drawings

Project Management


Site Logistic Planning

Field Installation

CBE & MBE Programs

Value Engineering



Steel & Glass Canopies

Monumental Staircases 

Structural Glass Walls


Decorative Handrail

Stainless Steel Cladding

Glass Pedestrian Bridges

Entrance Doors & Hardware

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