Welcome to TSI Corporations

TSI Corporations (TSI) is a locally owned business, established in 1977, with over 600 projects completed in the greater Washington DC and Baltimore areas

What we do
Top architecture needs to encapsulate a design that achieves uniqueness, innovation, appeal, and is descriptive meanwhile achieving project specific performance requirements.   Building facades is a critical element in managing work place productivity along with energy efficiency.  While natural daylighting helps promote a more productive work environment, if the proper façade systems are not chosen, it can wreak havoc on a mechanical system significantly increasing energy usage and therefore building costs.  TSI’s team will work with the design team to balance design, performance, and cost of the building envelope system.

To assist this design, our team provides guidance and expertise in managing 9 key critical factors:

  1. Means and Methods
  2. Site Logistics
  3. Design/Aesthetics
  4. Air – Thermal
  5. Water
  6. Structure - Dead loads due to self-weight, building movement through settling, thermal movement, and building usage
  7. Light - Solar Heat Gain and Light Transmittance
  8. Sound
  9. Cost

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