About Us

Founded in 2000 on the principles of providing customer service and high quality products, our metal panel division will meet the needs of the demanding architectural metal panel systems market with accurate communication, creativity, an adherence to schedule and high quality products. Our commitment to safety, quality control, manufacturing technology, and an experienced team of Project Managers and Engineers allows us to be a reliable contractor for our clients that consistently delivers a high-quality metal panel system.

About Us

TSI is one the largest fabricators and painters of architectural metal panels. TSI specializes in Aluminum Composite Panels, Aluminum Plate Panels (0.080 – 0.125), Architectural Painting, Fabricated Break Metal, and Fabrication Services for steel and aluminum curtainwall systems.

With a dedicated team of in-house drafters, TSI is one of the few companies in the industry offering complimentary engineering resources. The Drafting Department within TSI supports both our Design Assist construction and our service work.



TSI continually develops its panel system designs to improve performance, lower costs and stay current with market demands. All panel systems are fully tested to be in compliance with the following ASTM standards:

ASTM E 283-04

ASTM E 330-02

ASTM E 331-00

AAMA 501.1 Dynamic Test.


TSI Panel systems are available as:

Glazed-In panels for curtainwall

Radius Elements for column covers

Series 400 Wet Seal System

Series 350 Rainscreen System




TSI specializes in composite aluminum and aluminum plate panel fabrication using state of the art CNC Routers and Computerized Brakes, Shears, and Rolling Equipment. TSI is also a certified paint applicator of PPG Product Megaflon and Coraflon, where all painted products have a baked-on finish, providing a 10 year warranty. TSI also maintains partnerships with Reynobond, Alucobond, Alpolic, Kingspan, Morin, Larson Engineering and others to assist with material and design needs.


Field Installation

TSI’s proficient installers allows us to offer a turn-key, fully coordinated in place panel scope. We believe in a proactive approach to panel installation by involving a field operations manager in the early stages of a project. Working with the operations manager and the project manager, the field operations manager helps develop a plan that encompasses layout, field dimensioning, installation, and project close out. This strategy aims to recognize and address potential issues early on before they become major issues.


System Performance

Series 400 Wet Seal System

  1. AAMA 508-07 – Voluntary Test Method and Specification for Pressure Equalized Rain Screen Wall Cladding Systems
  2. AAMA 509-09 – Voluntary Test and Classification Method for Drained and Back Ventilated Rain Screen Wall Cladding System

Series 350 – Rainscreen System:

  1. ASTM E 283-04 – Test Method for Determining Rate of Airflow Under Specified Pressure Differences Across the Specimen
  2. ASTM E 330-02 – Test Method for Structural Performance by Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference
  3. ASTM E 331-00 – Test Method for Water Penetration by Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference
  4. AAMA 501.1 – Test Method for Water Penetration using Dynamic Pressure



Architectural Design/Assist

Fully Engineered Systems 

In House Shop and Fabrication Drawings

Project Management


Site Logistic Planning

Field Install

CBE & MBE Programs

Value Engineering



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